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We support rockstar companies with investor relations strategy tips, fundraising tools, and investments.
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  1. Investment Strategy
  2. Fundraising Roadmap
  3. Investor List (100 profiles)

  1. Outsource day-to-day communication routine
  2. Omnichannel investor marketing
  3. One-to-one investor meetings
  1. Valuation & Fundraising Roadmap
  2. Investor Pipeline Setup (100 contacts)
  3. Scripts and Email Templates
  4. Investor Marketing Booster
  5. Investor Outreach (10 pitches)
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Our team is based across the globe in the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia and CIS to give you access to the global investor network.


Online pitches monthly. Offline Demo Days quarterly in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and Yerevan.

We host investor events and have a database of more than a 1000 VC’s, business angels and family offices in EMEA.


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Anna Shevchenko
Nikita Perevezentsev
Elizaveta Tikher
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Head of UK Office
Maria Ivanova
Investment Strategy &
Investor Relations
Community & Events
Alina Suslova
Head of Startup Relations
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